Privacy Policies

Privacy Policies

Tinguiririca Energía Joint Venture, in accordance with the provisions of Article 19, part 4 of the Chilean Constitution and Chilean Law Nº 19.628 on protection of the private life and protection of data of a personal nature and its supplementary legislation, advises users of the company’s Privacy and Use Policy for the purpose of safeguarding the trust users bestow on us, our valuing of user visits and our taking all due care of personal data and your protection as a user under our guiding principles of security, confidentiality and privacy.

Personal Data

In case any personal information is requested on our site, such as name, postal code, address, organization, electronic mail address, telephone number, etc., as information that you provide voluntarily, our site shall afford a treatment of for internal use only for these data.

Third-party websites

In case our website should generate links to other web portals and/or websites it is to be specially noted that has its own Privacy and Use Policy, regardless of the linked site and disclaims all liability for the policy or acts of any such other linked sites.
Changes in the Privacy Policy may make changes in its Privacy and Use Policy without giving prior notice and reserves the right to modify, delete and add new aspects in our site. Any change made in our Policy shall be notified in our web page and include the last date of updating.
Opinions and third-party information shall not be held liable for information and/or opinions issued by third parties and shall be liable only for the information provided in our name. Includes personal data on third-party websites, changes in Privacy Policy and third-party opinions and information.

Use of content

As a user of you must use the contents of our website in a responsible, correct and lawful manner, i.e., any deletion, evasion or manipulation of copyright and data to which or its owners holds rights is prohibited. Contents of our website may not be used for commercial or promotional purposes, and in no case to cause any harm to third parties. The contents of such as data, texts, documents, graphs and images and designs may not be modified, copied or distributed without our consent, nor they be used for profit. The use of contents is only permitted for informational, educational, research or personal purposes. The images, sidebars, designs, photographic presentations and photographs of our website are for illustrational purposes only and are not intended to provide an exact representation of reality and are subject to change without prior notice as are likewise certain values of products or services which can be subject to change.

Security of the website

The security measures that currently possesses secure our site, e-mails, distribution lists, data, etc., and to prevent undue use thereof and any unauthorized disclosure, loss or alteration of the information. It is to be specially noted that under our Privacy and Use Policy you are not entering into any contract or commitment that binds you, and are a user for informational purposes only. If you should detect any problem or wish to send us any suggestion related with this matter, please so communicate to the address